We’re human.

And we live among a lot of other humans. (They’re fairly hard to avoid.)

But you (and the world) are most successful when we equip and empower ourselves and others.

Learning and growth take time, energy, and focus. 

We make it practical, interactive, and often fun.

We’re in challenging times. But this might just be your best opportunity yet to learn and creatively solve some of your challenges—lack of motivation, poor communication, uninspired creativity, siloed teams, among others.

At Kick Fire we help people and organizations tap into their reason for being (their why), and actively and joyfully live it out (their hows).

And we use creative and interactive methods like design thinking, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, as well as appreciation and storytelling, to co-create rich and engaging solutions to both your challenges and opportunities.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

—Richard Branson

We believe in

People First

Failing Forward, Learning Fast

Co-creating Solutions

The Power of Diversity

You’re the expert in your business, and want to maximize revenues and minimize costs.
We’re experts in people performance. Partner with Kick Fire to maximize the performance and motivation of your people.

We’re in a new world, pandemic or otherwise.
There is a need more than ever to confidently collaborate and engage within and outside your organization.

Now is your opportunity to stand out, and be an employer of choice.
Are you future ready?

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