Purpose for Teams

One-liner: Team members define both their personal and organizational purposes, and then co-create action plans to (joyfully) boost engagement, fresh ideas, and team performance.

VUCA was already a thing, but the pandemic ignited it.

Teams and organizations have always faced a range of challenges, in an environment that is often Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

But our new ‘normal’ and hybrid work has amplified elements that include greater disengagement, rollercoaster productivity, an absence of fresh ideas, and burnout.

Employees demand more from their employers than ever before (USA Today), while AI is progressively taking over jobs.

The secret sauce to go from boring to bursty, is purpose.

Most people—whether they realize it or not—want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

When people are actively living out their purpose, they come alive, they’re impassioned, and they perform better (Harvard Business Review).

And a gorgeous result to all that is often burstiness.

Burstiness (Kick Fire definition): The inspired energy created when people enthusiastically engage, collaborate, and create ideas—generating both creative results for the organization, and an environment where people want to thrive

When you have a group of purpose-driven people—whether at an MNC, startup, or lemonade stand—burstiness (along with all kinds of other great things) emerges and its a more fulfilling place to work.

When people—even highly intelligent or exceptionally savvy ones—are not doing work that aligns with their purpose, they start to lose interest, get more easily sidetracked, or even burn out.

And beyond creativity, burstiness helps people fall in love—with their work, with creating something better, and with richer engagement with their colleagues and customers.

The Purpose for Teams Program

The program is an interactive and bursty workshop (face-to-face or virtual) that provokes connection and valuable insights through reflection, visioning, and action planning—in a co-creative approach.

The diverse program activities employ a range of methods that include design thinking, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, and storytelling, to maximize engagement and connection. Everything is focused on generating fresh and unique ideas for engagement, progress, and success for the participants, teams, and the organization.

Who the program is for
  • Teams and organizations of any size, from large multinationals to new startups
  • Nonprofits and educational institutions (we have special rates for you)
  • People that are forward-thinking, curious, optimistic, and ballsy-at-times
Prime purpose opportunities

Purpose bonds people and drives teams and organizations forward. 

Some very good opportunities to align your team and organization with purpose are:

  • Onboarding: Welcome and align new staff with the organization
  • Remote workers: Realign and re-inspire teams with the organization, mission, and culture
  • Annual strategy sessions: A great opener activity to standard strategy sessions
  • Team building: A core alignment session nicely combines with other team building activities

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

John F Kennedy
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