Live out your Purpose

Coaching Program

Ye ol’ one-liner: This program helps people joyfully and actively live out their personal purpose—through an interactive journey of:

  • Defining their own personal purpose, and
  • Strategically pursuing inspiring ways to live it out

Do you want (or need) more of these?

Actively living out your purpose is the most effective way of getting an incredible boost of clarity, focus, motivation, energy, confidence, and much more. Life starts to just make sense and becomes smooth like butter.

Program introduction

The program

Your purpose facilitator will journey with you one-on-one through a 5-stage interactive process of self-discovery and collaboration to:

  • Clearly define your why, and
  • Co-create an inspiring action plan to actively (and joyfully) live out your purpose (for the rest of your life)

Program mechanics

  • The program is run as a set of either five or ten 55-minute one-on-one sessions (either Zoom or face-to-face), with homework in between sessions.
  • You will also tap into insights, ideas, and feedback with your own purpose partner (family member, friend, colleague).
  • Career/Life coaching sessions can immediately follow the purpose program to build in accountability, ensure continued momentum, and progress to a true life of purpose!

Key benefits

Completion of the program will generate a fresh energy into your life, plus give you more:

  1. Clarity: about who you are and why you’re here on earth
  2. Motivation: to make decisions and take action in all areas of your life
  3. Enthusiasm: to pursue your best life possible
  4. Practical tools: to provide structure and balance to actively live out your purpose
  5. Metrics: to track and gauge progress and success
  6. Confidence: in yourself and your ability to pursue your desired life and future

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain

Who this program is for

This interactive and insight-invigorating program is for anyone that is feeling stuck in life, or needs a well-timed boost to their life.

Graduates of the program range from experienced (but not old!) professionals through to 7-year old twins.
You’re definitely never too old to define and live out your purpose. And while equipping youth with the concepts of purpose and impact gives them a valuable head-start on life.

Corporate purpose program: If you’re looking for fresh motivation, engagement, and focus for your team or company, check out our Corporate Purpose Program.

Reid’s testimonial, May 2021

Bridget’s testimonial, February 2021

“David runs a wonderful program that is great for anyone who wants to stop and reflect on their personal purpose. The program provides a simple to follow framework, includes private 1:1 coaching, and constructive feedback that will inspire you to think not just about what you do, but why you do it. This program is fun, and will provide you clarity and practical next steps you can take to fulfill your purpose!”